6 Reasons to Buy Linen Sheets Now + Coupon!


Linen is bacteria resistant and ventilating making it beneficial for people with skin conditions and children.

Breathable fabric:

Linen is ideal for hot climates like Austin as it keeps you cool during the hot summers but will keep you warm throughout the winter. 


Linen is super absorbant meaning it will feel cool and crisp every time. Bonus, your linen sheets also repel dirt! 

Softer as Time Goes On:

Linen naturally becomes softer with each wash. 

Made to Last:

When taken care of properly, linen sheets can last several decades. It is also twice as durable as cotton bedding making it one of your best investments. Tip: Use our Laundress wash for optimal care. 

Environmentally Friendly: 

Linen is completely biodegradable and considered a renewable resource as it needs no irrigation. 

Convinced yet?

Show this picture below to receive 20% off your purchase of linen sheets now until April 1st. 

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