ecoFiber Custom Rugs: Unique Statements of Beauty

From Colorado we welcome ecoFiber Custom Rugs to our showroom and blog.

Effortless beauty from the finest materials is what ecoFiber Custom Rugs does best. This floor-covering boutique designs and manufactures handmade rugs from Nepal for the architectural and interior design communities in the United States and abroad. No two rugs created can, or ever will be, alike. This is just one of the reasons we adore having them at Wildflower Organics.

ecoFiber Custom Rugs uses traditional methods of spinning, natural dying and weaving of organic fibers such as wool, silk, mohair and cashmere. Every order is specific and individualized, and created by master dyers and weavers without the reliability of electricity, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of ecoFiber's rug production.

CEO and owner, Phyllis Ripple, who has lived throughout the world including Pakistan, United Kingdom, Indonesia and Egypt, fosters the company's foundation and design elements. Explore these pieces of art at and on and Twitter @ecofiber.

ecoFiber Custom Rugs: Committed to beautiful design, sustainability, and traditional craftsmanship.