Pixel Perfect Zuzunaga

Designer Christian Zuzunaga is a pixel enthusiast.

His designs are a juxtaposition of digital and home wares.  He uses his background from a graphic design standpoint and introduces it into the home with bold colors and soft sustainable textiles. His ICFF ( International Contemporary Furniture Fair) award winning pillows and throws are handwoven in Barcelona. This new company was founded in 2010 and inspired by his early love of biology ,and architecture. The most recent collection "Bitmap" is named for the pixelated theme. His designs are a must have addition to any graphic or uber modern design enthusiast's home decor.

Labyrinth Blanket and woven Pillows currently in stock: Available in Coral and Mint

Labyrinth Blanket - Bitmap Collection - a blend of high quality cotton with nylon for stretch. Blanket is knit from a jacquard technique  in three color blends.
90% Cotton 10 % Nylon
140 cm x 180 cm

Zuzunaga has received a fair amount of press from the New york Times and has graced the pages of magazines such as Elle, and Wallpaper. We see a lot of promise in this up and coming company and can't wait to see whats in store for his latest contemporary collections. 

Squares Balnket - Bitmap Collection
ICFF Awards 2012, 1st prize Textile category
100% Ecological Merino Wool
Currently in stock

Zuzunaga's work is broad in scope and includes print, letterpress, photography, sculpture, textile and furniture design.
 Influenced by architecture and the urban environment, Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, anthropology, sociology, the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung , he also explores the use of color as a means to evoke emotions and counterbalance negative ways of seeing and thinking.