Bed, White , and Beautiful

A white bedroom will create a light space.  If you are trying to make a small room look bigger, white is a good start. Combining white furniture with white decor makes a room look bigger than it really is. Keeping a neutral canvas for your bedroom will help when decorating. Adding metallic and textured accents like pillows and throws are an easy way to add a touch of extravagance.

Santa Maria Novella is one of the world's oldest pharmacies.  This moisturizing body milk is a Melograno fragrance perfect for everyday wear. 

Sleep glamorously in this upholstered knit platform bed frame.  These luxurious crocodile textured pillows compliment the golden rose coverlet. The platform bed frame and monochromatic lamps will add height to your bedroom, and the natural color scheme will help expand a small space as well as brighten up a room.

These Peheuns pillow from Argentina are perfect for your bed or couch.  They have a zip off cover which makes it easy to dry clean.  The strips in the front of the pillows are sheep fur. 23' x 23'

Its bedtime, and what is better than relaxing in a set of Turkish pajamas or a luxurious robe.  Made with 60% Rayon from Bamboo, 40% cotton, 600 gram weight.

Woven on a antique shuttle loom in a historic Maine Mill, these blankets are cozy and will keep you warm all year round. Make your little ones first Fourth of July a special one with organic non toxic plush's.  Come in and see our baby section.  Were always adding new items for the little ones.

Our all natural mattress sale is this weekend!  We will be open the Fourth of July, stop in and see all of our new linens.  Our merchandise is updated weekly. 

Wildflower Organics.  Never the same store twice.  

Happy Fourth of July.