Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 8

Beeswax Candles ($2 - $39) are a big seller at Wildflower. We feature a wide selection of everything from votives to oversized pillars to classic tapered candles. The natural qualities of beeswax are wide ranging. In addition to their gorgeous natural golden color, beeswax candles are proven to burn longer and give off more light that ordinary candles. They're also known to clear your home of toxins, as the negative ions they emit while burning attracts positive ions in the air toward them; allergens, dust and other positively charged impurities are drawn in and destroyed by the flame.

These darling Iron Votive Stands ($15, $23, $30) are the perfect compliment to our beeswax votives. Featuring delicate legs  and a tiny basin, they'll be a charming addition to any space.