Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 10

It's getting close to Christmas, so we're doing a recap of all of our favorite gifts sold at Wildflower right now. Our Top Ten list is focused on the products we love from around the world that are made from natural and organic materials - so they're top notch quality and good for you (and the planet!)

Number 10 is something of a Japanese spa set. We love these Organic Cotton Gauze Towels ($13, $26) from Japan; they're as soft and plush as your favorite sweatshirt. They're constructed using traditional weaving techniques, and the gentle-low speed method brings out the natural softness and luxury of organic cotton.

 The Binchotan Scrub Towel ($19) and Facial Puff ($17) are made from a traditional Japanese white charcoal that absorbs and removes toxins in the skin. Binchotan is also known to balance your skin's pH level while it cleanses and moisturizes. These extra fine emollients are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and baby's skin, leaving you with a healthy, refreshed glow.

We'll be counting down until Christmas Eve - stay tuned for more great gift ideas!