Linen: A Love Story

left: via saidos de concha / right: via madison|laird

Here at Wildflower, we seriously love linen. In our perfect world, just about everything in the home would be made from or covered in linen: sheets and cases, duvet covers, towels, napkins, curtains, bed frames, couches - the fabric seamlessly glides its way into any look.

left: bella notte's linen whisper bed / right: cluny linen shams

Of course, there's more to love about linen than its sumptuous simplicity. Traditionally made from the fibers of the flax plant, (or Linum Usitatissimum - where the word "linen" comes from) creating linen involves a labor-intensive process that produces the quality product that we consistently covet.

bella notte's classic linen bed

elin linen cases

In the midst of the heatwave currently plaguing the country, there's nothing we can recommend more than linen bedding. Its naturally cooling and moisture wicking properties have been embraced and celebrated for centuries. Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen because it was an obvious display of wealth; the archival nature of the fabric explains why it's been used on painters' canvases for ages. It resists dirt and stains, repels lint and moths. Kings of old were robed in purple linen as a symbol of their superior status. 

Of course we're not alone in all of this infatuation. This gorgeous video from Benoit Millot does a wonderful job explaining the process of creating linen - and why it's such a truly "noble fabric".

We pride ourselves on our fantastic selection of linen bedding. Come into the store or browse online; we have a good feeling you'll fall in love just as hard as we have.