This Father's Day...great sleep is the gift for Dad!

Let your hardworking Pop take a break and relax...give him a super comfy, organic pillow!

Where as conventional pillows emit chemicals for years, our pillows are chemical free and made with natural fibers. So their safe, comfortable and both good for you and good for the planet!

Choose from our selection of restful pillows including: wool, buckwheat, latex, feather down, hypoallergenic choices and more!

To help you choose, check out these facts:

Buckwheat pillows offer neck and spine support by allowing the buckwheat hulls to create a contour around your neck and head, providing firm support. A buckwheat filled organic pillow also also allows for the passage of air and ventilation, making both sides of the pillow cooler. And they are hypoallergenic!

Natural latex is a great option for the Daddy suffering from allergies! These pillows also have the benefit of conforming to the shape and contour of a sleeper's head and neck, protecting the neck, decreasing the chance of a sleep injury, and minimizing next-day discomfort.

Wool likewise allows the pillow to breathe and therefore does not sweat and become clammy like an ordinary down pillow. Many people speak to the comfort of these pillows, as well as the support that the material offers for the head and neck.

Or... GO BIG!

Come see us for our selection of high comfort organic mattresses!