Warm up this Winter with Austin's Haute Independent Designers!

Wildflower is thrilled to present a gorgeous shopping showcase of
Austin's Haute Independent Designers

Holiday Gifts for all the Family!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010
4pm - 7pm

Rachel Roberts of Mingle Design
What more can we say? You've seen just about every stylish gal in Austin sport her circle-inspired jewelry. Designer Rachel Roberts is back in town to present her latest collection.

Andrea Moore of Gypsy Born Designs
When you reach into your jewelry box, you know your clothes become a mere accessory to surround her stunning pieces.

Amanda Searancke of Nui Organics
"We don’t usually go gaga over the googoo gear, but Nui Organics 100% organic merino blankets and outfits are unavoidably cute." - Treehugger

And...to top off the night, we are proud to introduce Wildflower's very own Tiva Rose Allan of Designs by TivaRose, and Chelsea Grace of Grace Jewelry Design.

Puddings by Austin's Fancy Food Show Gold medal winning
Sticky Toffee Pudding Company

Hope to see you there!!