Go Natural in Bed this Earth Day!

What are you waiting for? You eat healthy, you exercise regularly, you surround yourself with a chemical-free lifestyle and now its time to go natural in bed! Celebrate Earth Day’s 40th anniversary and buy you and your family an organic mattress.

It’s just the facts: Nearly 90% of the market, or most major sleep product brands, use highly toxic fire retardants and formaldehyde in their bedding. These highly toxic cancer-causing chemicals leech though pillow and mattress covers and are absorbed through the skin.

Here, chemical-free definitely doesn’t mean comfort-free. Wildflower Organics provides several options exactly right for your budget, size, individual 'softness' preferences.

With a showroom of beds for customers to find their perfect comfort zone, there’s no better place to buy a mattress than Wildflower Organics. And, we’ve just expanded our collection to offer you even more!