Better lie down, on an Organic Mattress!

First came organic food. Then, organic clothing. And now — better lie down, on an organic mattress.

That's right, its time to get a good night’s sleep without formaldehyde and chemical fire retardants. Only a handful of companies make healthy mattresses and Wildflower Organics carries them. All the stuffing and upholstery fibers in the mattresses are certified to be chemical-free. If buying organic is good enough for your produce and your cleanser, why not your mattress?

“Just as organic food has become acceptable to the mainstream, organic mattresses "may be seen as normal in as early as 5 years," says Gunnar Hedman, of Wildflower Organics.

Why organic? "We're living in chemical age and we’re literally getting sick from it," Hedman says. "People do not want toxic stuff in their lives anymore. Our mattresses are made of a natural latex, organic cottons and wools without the additives,” adds Hedman.

Here, chemical-free definitely doesn’t mean comfort-free. Wildflower Organics provides several options exactly right for your budget, size, individual 'softness' preferences. With a showroom of beds for customers to find their perfect comfort zone, there’s no better place to buy a mattress than Wildflower Organics.