Austin Earth Day Celebration 2008

The Staff of Wildflower Organics had a great time celebrating Earth Day in Austin's Republic Square Park. We showcased a few of the fabulous earth-friendly items we carry at our boutique.
When asked what the best investment to buy for your family and home, Cori Hedman of Wildflower explains, " When we remove harmful chemicals from our homes, we stop supporting poisons being forced into our eco-system. Living a less toxic life with organic materials, is not only a loving act towards ourselves, but towards the planet as well. For instance, as we say goodbye to plastic bags, we should also say goodbye to sleeping on a plastic mattress that is virtually a large stuffed plastic bag filled with fire retardant chemicals. Why should you or your child spend 8 hours a night sleeping on a toxic plastic bag? Natural and organic mattresses provide long-lasting comfort, an allergy free sleep for the whole family and are completely non-toxic for you and the earth! Its an investment that is absolutely worth it.”

Wildflower Organics offers one of the largest natural mattress collections in the country, including organic cotton, wool and latex. We have hand picked a selection of safe natural mattresses, including twin and crib, has the whole family sleeping safe and well.

Don't Forget!
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