Tea Leaf Classic

Tea Leaf Classic

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Incredible Comfort in a Coil Mattress, made with iCoil™ for firm support.

The Core:  iCoils are independent coils that support every part of your body with supple and responsive flex. Independent operation means less motion transfer between sleep partners for better sleep.

The Comfort Top:  The firm top instantly welcomes you to bed with a layer of body conforming, high quality Memory Foam.

BioFoam™: Memory Foam made with a blend of natural and synthetic materials. We replace a portion of the synthetic material with plant oil, to reduce the dependency on chemicals and to reduce emissions of VOCs.

All-Natural Ingredient:  EverGreen™, made from all-natural green tea, is embedded into the memory foam to keep the mattress fresh for a long time.

The Cover: A classic and luxuriously quilted, hemp-blend fabric for an extra soft touch. The quilting consists of a layer of breathable fiber padding. Hemp blend fabric is smooth, soft and durable. It helps to absorb humidity and allows better ventilation.

The Feel:  A very firm coil bed! This mattress gives in all the right places and supports as well. Recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

13" Coil Mattress - Firm

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