Hypodown Pillow

Hypodown Pillow

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Allergic to down? Choose this wonderful Hypodown pillow, which combines two natural fibers to give you a tranquil, restful night sleep.

Hypodown consists of 70% Goose Down and 30% Syriaca Clusters, a natural fiber that dust mites do not like. The pillow contains no chemical flame retardants and is non-toxic.

  • Hypoallergenic, sustainably sourced Goose down

  • Double-layered, 353-inner and outer cotton sateen thread count fabric

  • Patented blend of 70% of the finest white goose down and 30% Syriaca Clusters*

  • More breathable, more durable, and wick moisture away from the body faster than down by itself (or synthetic down)

  • Made in the USA

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