Hypodown Comforter

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Hypodown Comforter

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About your Duvet Insert: 

  • Cotton Sateen 350 Thread Count Cotton Fabric
  • Fill: Patented blend of 70% of the finest white goose down and 30% Syriaca Clusters*.
  • More breathable, more durable, and wick moisture away from the body faster than down by itself (or synthetic down).
  • Southern (Lightweight Warmth)
  • Made in USA
  • Spot cleaning is the best practice for cleaning down products. In the event you need to do a major cleaning, we highly recommend a professional launderer familiar with down. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.
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*Syriaca is not a synthetic, nor is it used as a down filler. It is the natural fiber from the milkweed plant and is non-treated. Milkweed traps and suppresses allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions, making the product naturally hypo-allergenic. Syriaca makes the down more breathable, more durable, and helps the body regulate temperature by whisking moisture AWAY from the body 70% faster than down by itself (or synthetic down). The combination of milkweed in our down (called Hypodown®) is the reason that you can sleep comfortably all season long, and keep you cool even in the hot summer months!